5 Benefits of organic social media


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Why organic social media is a vital component of content marketing

Spring is here! It’s my favourite season, why? Because it’s a season of new beginnings. Dove’s are nesting romantically in the tree behind me. The air is crisp, buds are in bloom and the earth seems to come to life again with frivolity.

Just like nature, the energy in the air, coupled with the reduced chill factor, increases motivation to make headway on our business marketing projects.

Your customers already love what you sell, so remove that hint of hesitation from their minds by maintaining a consistent marketing message and enabling them to know, like and trust you.

You can do this by being consistently visible and regularly sharing your business-to-client journey and client-to-business journey on your social media platforms. So let’s explore the benefits of organic social media.

What is organic social media?

If a social media strategy does not pay for advertising, but uses the free social media tools, this is organic social media.

Organic socials rely on audience interaction and engaging posts and videos to connect with the audience.  Any post on a page with no financial boost or ad is considered ‘organic’, it will only reach customers through the platform’s ever-changing algorithm (try to keep up).

The purpose of organic social media is to build a community of loyal followers and customers, by posting relevant content and interacting with those who communicate with your brand. 

Benefits of organic social media

Sure, social media has copped some negative press and the platforms are pushing now more than ever for paid advertising, with the algorithm effecting organic reach. As such, it’s important to note organic social media is a long-term game. But for all the negative news, and the ever-changing algorithm, the benefits of posting organic social content remains enormous, vital in fact!

Here’s why:

1. We’re a social bunch

Did you know last year, there were more than 3.81 billion active social media users worldwide? Big number right? In January 2020, Australia had 18 million social media users. Social media is the way of the future, it’s now more than ever how we connect, share, engage and communicate with other brands.

So many of us are on several social media platforms. In Australia, we’re a sociable bunch. According to Yellow Social Media report 2020 31% of us check our profiles across a variety of platforms more than 10 times a day and 79% check at least once a day. You wouldn’t want to miss this opportunity to market to such a prevalent audience. Unsurprisingly, Facebook, You Tube and Instagram lead the popularity contest, but if you’re a business to business fortune 500 company, LinkedIn is the platform of choice.

2. Authentic connections

Social media provides a brilliant and free platform for small business owners to compete with their larger competitors, to even out the playing field. Why? Because larger organisations often miss a key element that makes social media so powerful… authentic connections. When you’re a small business it is easier to share your brand voice, to show your audience who you are and give them an opportunity to relate to you. You can do this by highlighting your brand’s values, unique qualities, culture, projects and passions.

As Sprout Social explains, “The majority of consumers say their loyalty to a brand increases when they feel connected, and more than half (57% say that they’ll increase their spending with a brand and buy from that brand over a competitor (76%) when they feel connected.”

Trevor Young from PR Warrior, media still works best for businesses that are willing to put in the time and effort to: regularly publish relevant content that’s helpful/ engaging/thought-provoking/entertaining. Using social media to build empathy and connection with your customers.”

Organic socials provide a brilliant opportunity to engage customers at every stage of their buying journey. So they get to know, like and trust you, for your products, services, ethics, personality, branding and so much more. 

3.  Cost-effective long-term solution

Paid advertising has its time and place in the social media realm, but it would fall flat without an organic strategy in place. Why? Because firstly you need to understand what content your audience like and who they are in order to run an effective ad campaign.

While an ad will most definitely reach more people…will they be engaged if they then look at your social media platforms and see inconsistent, irrelevant or no content?

Further, people don’t appreciate being sold to constantly. By seeing a variety of content like:

  • Business updates
  • Tips
  • Blogs, articles, books
  • Industry information
  • Reviews
  • Behind the scenes images
  • Facebook lives, videos, podcasts, webinars
  • Entertaining and inspiring content

It provides an opportunity for your audience to become a loyal advocate of your brand. Once engaged they’ll hopefully even be willing to share your brands message and of course purchase from you.

So before you buy followers (please don’t do this), it’s important to have a quality and engaged audience, a smaller group of people who fit your avatars is better than a multitude of followers who do not engage and show no interest. Over time, engaged communities develop strong loyalty, which paid advertising alone will never be able to attain.

 Yellow Social Media Report 2020 backs this up, with over half of respondents saying they are more likely to trust brands if they interact positively with customers on social media, make their content engaging and relevant, and keep it regularly updated.

Businesses seem to be on the right path here, with 63% using social media to engage in two-way conversations with customers and connections, while almost half the businesses canvassed (45%) claim to monitor or update their social media at least once a day, with 80% doing it weekly.

4. Organic compliments paid advertising

While many smaller business’ may struggle to justify the costs of paid advertising in the current climate, it’s a great pairing with an organic strategy. If you’re wanting to use paid advertising, it should never exist without an organic presence.

If you don’t have an existing presence, the algorithm will be less generous when you pay for your advertising, as the platform wants you to build authentic connections and relationships. Also you will end up paying more per click.

Further, as mentioned above, if your audience comes to review your page after your advertising has connected with them, they will look for your content, reviews, and the vibe of your brand to make the final decision whether to purchase or not.

5. Customer service

Customers want to know they are heard, there is nothing more frustrating than being transferred to 10 different departments, after buying a product or service, when you need to ask a question or explain something that isn’t working as it should.

Organic social media provides a space for consumers to connect immediately and receive a speedy response to their inquiry, either directly within a post or via private message (PM), or several other linked contact methods. Genuine customer care is possible with real time feedback and connection, changing the way businesses can act and respond to their customers. As you can see, there are a multitude of benefits when it comes to an organic social media strategy. Social media is a complex, time-consuming beast, but it is definitely worth the effort to build your brand and remain visible in a crowded marketplace. Having a social media strategy and content plan will assist you with these efforts and of course it’s advantageous to outsource your social media to a trusted specialist.

As it so happens, Versatile VA provides social media management support for small business’ in Australia. So feel free to connect today for a free discovery call, to learn how we can help support your business with organic social media strategy, planning, content creation and scheduling. After all spring is the perfect time for business growth.

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