About us

Your behind the scene secret weapon

Who is Versatile VA?

Hello, I’m so glad you dropped in to meet me. I’m Deborah Ricketts, founder of Versatile VA, a virtual assistant (VA) business, launched in July 2018.

My team and I are passionate about supporting small service based health and wellness businesses within Australia, who are experiencing the juggle to stay on top of it all!  We want you to know, you don’t have to go it alone.

Support leads to success.


About Deb

I live in the beautiful Hills District in Sydney with my husband and two beautiful daughters, Jess and Abby.

Versatile VA was dreamt up while I was searching for the Aussie dream, a work/life balance, where attending my kids’ school assembly at a ridiculous 2 pm, or helping out at daycare, was not an unachievable goal.

It became apparent that SO many business owners are burnt or burning out, trying to do it all too. Also in need of work/life balance and support. Being able to access skilled resources in a flexible and cost-effective manner can be the difference between success and failure.

This sparked the dream to be your collaborative virtual business support. With a passion to help others, I recognised that small-medium business owners want and need a mini-me, (being 5 foot something- I fit the mini-me calling perfectly).

Someone you can trust to manage portions of your business, to be an advocate for your success, to create space for balance and growth, without you having the hassle and expense of hiring an employee.

Experience and qualifications

With two law degrees (BLJS & LLB) and 20 years experience in a variety of corporate roles; from contracts manager to associate project manager, to supplier compliance specialist, or grants writer to name a few, I’m able to bring these diverse skills together to provide a second to none client experience.

My team of professional Australian virtual assistants (experienced working Mum’s) and I each bring degree qualifications or relevant certifications coupled with unique and varied skill sets, in order to provide a versatile and holistic solution to business owners. Most importantly, we genuinely care about you and your business and work with integrity, passion and communicate consciously.

Work with us and you will feel well supported to drive your business forwards and take some well deserved ;you’ time too.

What we do

Versatile VA virtual assistants provide outsourced marketing support services including:

  • Content writing
  • Social media management
  • Systems training
  • Content creation

Refer to the services pages for more information on our service offerings, or contact us for friendly advice and information.

Versatile VA offers flexibility in service and pricing options, catering to our clients’ individual needs and requirements.

We offer:

  • Retainer contracts for ongoing projects (this is where the real magic happens)
  • Pre-paid packages
  • Bespoke proposals to cater to your specific requirements.

We will always work with our clients to find the option that best suits their business needs.

Outsource in 5 simple steps

1)  It all starts with a DISCOVERY MEETING. Click the ‘schedule a free 1 on 1’ button below and schedule in a meeting time that works for you, while you are there, complete a short questionnaire to set us up for a fantastic initial meeting.

2)  When we meet, either in person or virtually via Zoom, we will discuss your business, your pain points, systems and needs. We suggest the services and packages to suit you.

3)  You’ll receive a bespoke PROPOSAL via email, or confirmation of your pricing choice. Once we’ve decided that we are a great fit, you will be sent a welcome email, invoiced for a package or retainer (where applicable) and a contract to e-sign, speedy and efficient to get into action.

4)  Once the INVOICE is paid and contract is signed we will immediately set our plan in action.

5)  Then EXHALE as you will have a behind the scenes secret weapon of your very own!

Our values and beliefs


Our mission is to provide caring, flexible and customised virtual business management and support services to established small to medium business owners. We offer our clients a collaborative, behind the scenes secret weapon, providing the trust, structure, tools, and expertise that allows business owners to confidently outsource their work. We do this to create the space for our clients to increase productivity, reduce overwhelm and scale their business.


We provide more than just a transactional process – we look at your business processes, finding ways to streamline your approach and ensure your systems are serving you well. We create processes and procedures to make your backend look great and take on the work that you don’t enjoy or that takes up your valuable time.

Australian owned and operated

As an Australian VA, we offer services to fellow Australian business owners.

  • We minimise risk to Intellectual Property and privacy.
  • We are governed by the same laws, your data is safe!
  • English is our first language.
  • We are within the same timezone and aware of the Aussie business culture.

Australian VAs offer a service second to none and are well worth the investment.  So kick back and relax, live life in the fast lane, while Versatile VA action all the work you don’t like, taking all of your worries away.