Organic marketing strategy & Planning

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 What is Organic Content Marketing?

Organic marketing provides long-term and sustainable results without paying for advertising. It focuses on truly understanding your audience and connecting with them in a raw way. Harnessing authenticity to build brand trust and authority, while encouraging engagement and conversion.

An organic marketing strategy requires you to fully understand how and where your target audience uses the internet to find businesses such as yours. What key words might they use? How do they use them? (e.g Google home or Alexa voice inquiry, or typing into a search engine?)

It’s important to understand your customer’s pain points or objections when purchasing.  (e.g. what is stopping them from purchasing and how can you solve that problem for them).  It’s imperative to analyse your data (e.g. Google Analytics) and use that data to optimise your marketing activities.

The good news is we spend time with you working on the foundations of your marketing strategy, so you can implement your content marketing aligned to your goals, and create long lasting results.

Small Business 1:1 sessions

2.5 hour Organic content strategy session

After our session, your strategy document will be created, updated and provided to you for review and input in areas only you as the subject matter expert in your busiess will know.

Use this ‘living’ strategy document as a reference point for yourself and your business team, to ensure your organic content marketing is approached with consistency, accuracy and efficiently – optimising your reach, engagement and generating conversions.

2 hour Seasonal content planning sessions

Once a strategy is in place, the content planning can begin. We work virtually with you for 2 hours developing 3 months of content themes and topics – to generate an efficient, concise and consistent plan for content across socials, blogs, webinars, newsletters and more.

Customer Avatar workshop session

Once you understand your customer avatar, you’ll be able to specifically speak to them in all of your content marketing. As Seth Godin said “Everyone is NOT your customer”.

Attracting the right people to your brand, creates efficiencies, stops (or reduces) the tyre kickers. Your ideal client will understand why you are the right person to serve them.

  • Reach your audience with this prerecorded workshop so you can stop, think and research in your own time.
  • Receive a free $9.00 eBook and workbook to develop your ideal customer.
  • Book in a 30 minute meeting when you’ve pulled it together, and we can address together any questions or areas needing more clarity.


We offer a variety of pricing options to cater to your individual needs.

Options include prepaid packages or monthly retainer plans for:

  • Blog packages from $165
  • Monthly Marketing support from $845
  • Monthly Social media management packages from $297
  • Strategy & planning sessions from $334

  • Mentoring and training sessions from $105 ... and more!